Both individually and as a team, we have contributed our talents to fortifying Fortune 500 companies’ marketing efforts and helping local and regional businesses attain their goals. We have had the privilege to guide and participate in numerous global and national launches.
We invite you to browse through some samples of our work.


Ontak Rebranding

Leveraging strengths. Reshaping perceptions.

Challenge : Bad reputation for being tougher on the patient than on the disease. Solution : Strategically refocused rebranding on the therapy's well-known foundation of strength while emphasizing its effective targeting. These ad concepts explore various approaches: science-centric, patient-centric, metaphor-centric.

Identity / Logos

Crafting brandmarks that connect

Read Realty : Logo for a commerical/residential property group

Solowerx : Logo for an independent Mac tech
Targetcast : Brand identity for an in-office video promotion service
Symlin : Logo for injectable diabetes medication
Hilltoppers : Brand identity for a Virginia farm-to-table restaurant


Creating branding that stands out in a crowd

Challenge : Introduce a unique 'multimedia' product into a lackluster mobile device marketplace. Solution : Dark, edgy, sensuous branding designed to stand out on crowded store shelves — a strategic contrast to light-colored, ‘Mac-styled’ competitive packaging. The oversized, eye-catching, swirling icon commands attention and brand recognition.

CeeOn Lens

Launching a new category of IOLs

Challenge : To introduce the first biocompatible intraocular lens to US surgeons. Solution : Use a nature analogy to capture the essence of the product benefits. Measure of Success : The product manger exclaimed, “Now I understand how these lenses work!”

Contributed concept and copywriting.
PCS Rebrand

Building brand awareness. Forging connections.

Challenge : PCS, the largest pharmaceutical benefits management company in the US had an identity crisis — no one knew them. Solution : Extensive SWOT analysis uncovered the extraordinary ability of PCS to masterfully balance their diverse audiences. We created a branding bridge that would connect PCS to all of their constituents — physicians, pharmacists, insurers, employers and members/patients — the every[1] benefits campaign.


Carving a niche. Captivating users.

Challenge : To stake a claim in a highly competitive marketplace and make a distinctive appearance at Macworld with exhibit graphics that connect to the needs of key customers — film and animation creatives. Solution : Focus creative on engaging audience interests by emphasizing the user experience, as opposed to just product features.

Millennium CX Branding

Rethinking. Rebranding. Reinvigorating.

Challenge : Invigorate the Millennium Surgical System in the minds of ophthalmic surgeons and set it apart in a highly competitive marketplace. Solution : Uncovered the unique attributes of the internal pump and named it Concentrix. Combining the theme 'think next' with a little bit of graphic drama and well-crafted messaging elevated the benefits over the features.


Launching a new aesthetic paradigm to consumers

Challenge : Introduce a new aesthetic treatment with a key attribute that is both its greatest strength and weakness. Solution : Highlighted similarities to existing products while touting the differentiating characteristics. Built consumer confidence with testimonials and by positioning key data in a compelling and comprehendible way.

Contributed launch strategy, structure and copywriting.

Launching a new aesthetic paradigm to physicians

Contributed launch strategy, structure and copywriting for the first FDA-approved, permanent, aesthetic injectable implant. Challenge : Introduce a new category in medical aesthetics with a key attribute that is both its greatest strength and greatest weakness (permanent). Solution : Highlighted similarities to existing products while touting the strengths and differentiating characteristics. Built physician confidence with compelling presentation of clinical data and case studies.