Hybridge Group is a team of marketing pros offering solid brand-building expertise and complete creative capabilities. We bridge business expansion — globally, regionally, locally.

Our Story

Long frustrated by the challenges of working through various go-betweens to establish key strategic, product and project essentials, we envisioned a better way — and that vision became Hybridge Group (aka, no middlemen). It’s a smart and sustainable business model that eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional agencies, and champions partnership. Our style is collaborative and direct — principal to principal. Hybridge is flexible and turnkey. With connections to creative pros afoot and afield, Hybridge can expand on demand — building the best team for each client and every project.

Hybridge Core Creatives

Lydia Dobbs, Brand Director : : copy     +     Mary LaFleur, Brand Director : : design

  1. Leveraging over 40 years of combined marketing experience, including numerous global and national launches
  2. Spanning industries as diverse as medical, resort and entertainment
  3. Reaching across all mediums with targeted tactics and campaigns
  4. Connecting with diverse audiences far and wide
  5. Propelling projects from blueprint to completion


  1. Naming, branding and launches : Launches are exhilarating and fast-paced. Bring it on — we’re proven and equipped to build brands and the businesses from the ground up, up and beyond expectations.
  2. Pharmaceutical, biotech, device, diagnostics and healthcare : The inherent challenges of medical marketing deter many; we happen to thrive on solving them.

Our Values

Collaboration : Whether it’s putting our heads together with our clients to strategize a launch or putting our own heads together to brainstorm campaign concepts, we recognize that the best thinking is, well, hybrid.
Conscientiousness : We are diligent; driven to deliver our best work, to be transparent and accessible to our clients.
Sustainability : Our business model is lean, streamlined and effective — no waste, or excess, just sustainable, smart marketing solutions. Principles of ecology and community keep us grounded, guide our partnerships, and influence our decisions.